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RaeeCycling is the name of the project through which we aim to set up the first plant in Europe able to recycle electronic waste to recover all the recoverable part of WEEE


We have patented a plant and process that combine high recycling capacity with full economic sustainability, while ensuring negligible environmental impact.


To provide a concrete response to the growing need for raw materials and at the same time to turn hazardous waste into resources.

About us

Greenvincible S.r.l. is an innovative start-up operating in the field of process engineering and production of machines for recycling special electronic waste.
Established in 2021, the company filed its first patent for a "Plant and Process for the Recovery of Raw Materials from Printed Circuit Boards"
Alessandro De Gaetano

Alessandro De Gaetano

  • Funzione :Project Manager
  • Esperienza:10 Years
  • Doctor of Business Administration

I am responsible for project management from initiation to implementation. This includes planning, delegation, monitoring and control

Antonio Battaglia

Antonio Battaglia

Co- Founder
  • Funzione :CFO
  • Esperienza:30 Years
  • Chartered Accountant

I deal with tax, corporate and accounting issues with a focus on treasury management.

Antonio Maurizio Gaetani

Antonio Maurizio Gaetani

M.&C. Manager
  • Funzione :P.R.
  • Esperienza:30 Yaers
  • Doctor of Political Science

I am in charge of communication and external relations to ensure the success of the initiative.

Antonino De Gaetano

Antonino De Gaetano

Co- Founder
  • Funzione :HR Manager
  • Experience:15 Years
  • Chartered Accountant

I am responsible for human resources. My goal is to emphasize the skills of professionals and employees to ensure process optimization.

Giovanni Balli

Giovanni Balli

  • Fuzione:Technical Director
  • Esperienza:30 Years
  • Electronic Engineer

I take care of the scientific and technical management of the entire project by interfacing with partners and research centers

Edoardo Carlucci

Edoardo Carlucci

Technical Manager
  • Funzione :CTO
  • Esperienza:12 Years
  • Industrial Engineer

I am in charge of machine engineering and project industrialization..

Diego De Gaetano

Diego De Gaetano

  • Funzione :Chairman
  • Esperienza:30 Years
  • Chartered Accountant

I am the promoter of the project. I am in charge of relations and relationships with suppliers, partners, investors and institutions to ensure the success of the initiative

Monica Sozzi

Monica Sozzi

ESG Manager
  • Fuzione:Sustainability Manager e Specialist ESG Communication;
  • Esperienza:20 Years
  • Electronic Engineer

I deal with environmental policy and specialist communication in the ESG field


We have the possibility to recover up to 95% of raw materials from electronic waste

The RaeeCycling method uses only a mechanical process that does not generate any waste for inertisation.
The process is also able to simplify, optimize and make economically sustainable the recycling of electronic boards, but its scalability and the versatility of the machines used also allow it to be used in the recycling of other WEEE as well as plastic and glass, all with full respect for the environment because it is 'zero waste'

From hazardous waste to valuable resource

By reducing the need for waste treatment and the abatement of pollutants and residues, it is possible, through the RaeeCycling process, to simultaneously obtain an advantage in terms of profitability in absolute terms, while fully respecting the environment.
The Strengths of RaeeCycling :

Low environmental impact

The RaeeCycling project is based on a step-by-step process that innovatively combines physical principles and is managed by a computer system based on A.I.and self-learning.

Low energy consumption

The process management software We have identified a preliminary PCB mapping system, which allows the recognition and location of addressable particles for recovery.

Economic sustainability

We use machines already on the market, which have been re-engineered to integrate particular functions and improve their use in the recycling process

Recycling capacity of up to 95%

No recycling process currently used by competitors manages to achieve these results. The recovery capacity of other processes is up to 40%..


The Collection of WEEE in Italy

Approximately 13,000 tons of electronic cards are sent to separate collection in Italy. Of these, only 3,000 tons are recycled. The remaining 10,000 tons are exported for processing abroad

WEEE waste
0 MT
IT devices
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What can be gained from recycling PCBs?

PCBs can become a resource if properly recycled.
Thanks to our innovative process for every ton of electronic boards it is possible to extract :
Riciclo schede elettroniche


187 Kg


12,8 Kg


12,5 Kg


11,5 Kg


8,4 Kg


0.7556 Kg


0,456 Kg


0,2962 Kg


0,0008890 Kg


0,0536 Kg

From Waste

There are considerable amounts of WEEE containing Rare and Precious Metals in Europe


In order to promote the recovery of WEEE and to reduce its quantity and hazardousness, the European Union has issued Directives aimed at prioritizing recycling and, therefore, the reuse of the different components.


With the RaeeCycling project, we aim to innovate the sector while exploiting the vast potential of the EU’s secondary resource sector with a technologically innovative, low-cost and environmentally friendly solution..


We can recover metals, rare minerals and other natural materials considered essential for a wide range of industrial ecosystems, which present a high risk in terms of supply.


What is RAEECycling?

It is the project with which Greenvincible S.r.l. aims to provide a concrete answer to the problem of the scarcity of raw materials essential for the production of electrical and electronic equipment:
  • Revolutionizing recycling methods

    With a patented, technologically advanced, economical and eco-friendly process.

  • By simplifying the paradigm

    Through the automation of the process managed entirely by an AI-based MES system capable of setting the machines according to the raw material to be extracted.

  • By recovering up to 95%

    of the raw materials on the electronic board, but also of the components.

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    We answer your most frequently asked questions
    Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment: equipment that is dependent on electric currents or electromagnetic fields to function properly that has reached the end of its life and is destined for waste.

    PCBs stands for Printed Circuit Board.

    It is a printed circuit board, a board that uses copper conductors to create electrical connections between various components.

    Check if there is a municipal collection service in your area, alternatively, take your WEEE to municipal collection points or retailers.

    Every time you decide to keep a WEEE in your drawer or dispose of it incorrectly, new natural resources have to be used to build electronic devices with further CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.

    Plastic, aluminum, iron, copper, critical raw materials.

    Critical raw materials are classified as follows by the European Commission based on two parameters:

    > High economic importance

    > High risk associated with their supply.

    Rare earth materials used in the production of EEE fall into this classification.